Writer’s Block Hits Again

Today’s challenge was to consider if and how I overcame writer’s block in my blogging efforts.  Those of you who read my first blog in this challenge, will know that I have 3 websites Travel, my handbook on what to do when a person dies and this one in which I like to write about, whatever is on my mind but social justice issues in particular.Yes, there have been times when I have been hit by writer’s block even with more than one category from which to choose. It really is frustrating and I think that anyone who writes, whether for career or pleasure, will at some time suffer a bout of writer’s block. When I experience a bout of Writer’s  Block I have found that the best way to cope or get back into the groove some or all of these approaches prove to be successful .

  1. Accept it.  The more you fret about it the more likely your brain will push any ideas out of your brain.
  2. Do something totally unrelated to your blog(s). Go for a walk, do a bit of gardening, or baking, phone someone you have not spoken to in ages etc
  3. Keep pen and paper/smartphone or similar handy for noting ideas (I am still very much a Pen & Paper person)
  4. Close down all your computer equipment and keep away from it to avoid the temptation to try and write something
  5. If, like me you have some blogs you had started but not finished. Skim through them to see if any are related to the topic you thought that you might have written about today or give you motivation to write on a completely different topic.
  6. Don’t feel guilty!

These are some of the techniques and activities that I employ when writer’s block hits me. I have realised that it is not always necessary to engage in all of these activities but I find it works best if I put at least 1-3 into action. It is usually enough but often it can take many hours. It is seldom a quick fix for me but worrying and turning the problem upside down and round and round in my head definitely does not break the barrier.

Having writer’s block is very frustrating, especially if you have a deadline to meet. Fortunately this does not really affect me as I blog for pleasure or to relate experiences which I hope will, in particular, interest Senior Citizens who are planning to travel.

I hope this short and minimal approach to clearing your thoughts will help you when the dreaded writer’s block infects your brain. Don’t give up!