That elusive sock

socks on line

Members of my family and even some of my friends think that I am Obsessively Compulsive about my laundry habits but, actually, I do certain things because I am lazy. (more…)

30 days, 30 blogs – A review

Today is Day 30 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and it means that I made it. I wrote 30 blogs almost 30 days in a row.  There were 2 days when it was just impossible to make the deadline. What was it like? (more…)

Collecting chronic medication

As I mentioned in my previous blog on teenage pregnancies, I visit a local government hospital on a monthly basis to collect my chronic medication. I was very fortunate when I initially experienced my neuropathy in 1993 that I was employed in the Department of Medicine of the teaching hospital attached to the university. This meant that I was cared for by the physicians and Head of Neurology, Professor Bill, when it happened and so have been under his care ever since. (more…)

Teenage pregnancies and the consequences

The 2014 World Health Statistics indicated that the average global birth rate among 15 to 19 year olds is 49 per 1000 girls. Country rates range from 1 to 299 births per 1000 girls, with the highest rates in sub-Saharan Africa.  In total, about 16 million girls aged 15 to 19 and some 1 million girls under 15 give birth every year—most in low- and middle-income countries. (more…)

Keep those certificates

All those papers we accumulate to register various moments in our lives and confirming the steps we have taken on a daily basis are very important. They may be a nuisance as they take up a bit of space but if you do not have them when called for it causes a lot of problems. (more…)

My Unsung Heroine

Lungi has worked as our domestic for the last 16 years and, gradually, I have learnt so much about this quiet spoken and humble woman. Her story is quite amazing in my estimation. She is the 5th child born into a poor family of 6 children and yet this has not stopped her from having a spirit of love and gentleness but also being a strict but loving disciplinarian of her children, with her husband, Justice. This is her story. (more…)

Manners maketh the Man

Today, 8 September 2015, has been both good and really annoying for me. The start to the day was the good part.  I had been invited to make a presentation on my book to the Durban North and Umhlanga Cancer Survivor Group and it went very well. I sold 7 more books and learnt lots of new information which I shall put on my website and mail out to my book purchasers for whom I have e-mail addresses. Thereafter the day went downhill until I arrived home at 2pm. (more…)