That elusive sock

socks on line

Members of my family and even some of my friends think that I am Obsessively Compulsive about my laundry habits but, actually, I do certain things because I am lazy.I can proudly say that, in 45 years of motherhood and marriage, I have never experienced the irritation of losing a sock or anything else in the process of doing laundry. I know this seems to be a really trivial thing to write about but my mind was so busy thinking and organising for our big holiday that I needed something simple to write.

Besides being lazy and so always looking for easy ways to reduce work, I have to admit that laundering clothing I find very therapeutic. It is so satisfying to have a dirty, crumpled bit of clothing or household item washed and ironed so that it can be admired. That does not mean that I iron everything. I am too lazy for that. If an item is washed and hung properly it can go straight into the cupboard from the line.

Anyway, how not to lose socks, or anything else, in the washing machine is a simple step process (which I wish that I had taught my children)

  1. When you take off an item of clothing do up the zipper, fasten a bra, fold or tie socks in pairs
  2. When placing in the machine, confirm that 2 socks go in together but not still tied together
  3. Everything else is made ready just to put straight into the machine

On taking items out of the machine, hang whatever possible on a coat hanger to help reduce ironing; keep same items together such as panties, shorts etc; make sure that no sock goes into the basket without its mate.

Hang on the line in an order that makes life easier for you. What I do is this:

  1. smallest items have been put in the bottom of the basket as they can be hung in small gaps if necessary when all else is on the line
  2. my things stay together and Trevor’s stay together
  3. socks are hung in pairs

Taking things off the line when dry gets done in reverse order. I take off all those things which NEED ironing first. Keeping ironing to a minimum means

  1. you have less work
  2. you save electricity
  3. you save time

The rest of the laundry is taken off the line keeping each person’s items together, socks in pairs and household items eg. towels linen etc together.

Putting the items in the cupboards is now quick and easy.

Many of you might say that you have tumble dryers. That does not make much difference except that it may not be necessary to sort when transferring from washer to dryer but do keep socks together. It helps too, if you cannot fit all the items into the dryer at once, separate the items so that ‘like’ things are kept together and socks only go into the dryer in pairs.

Happy laundering!!



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