30 days, 30 blogs – A review

Today is Day 30 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and it means that I made it. I wrote 30 blogs almost 30 days in a row.  There were 2 days when it was just impossible to make the deadline. What was it like?

In the beginning it was a real challenge not only with regard to time but also selecting topics. I have three very different websites on which I do blogging. I mentioned them in my first blog of this challenge.

The first was developed to market my book which is a handbook on what you have to do when a person dies. The second site I setup as a platform to write things which interest me, with a particular emphasis on social justice issues. The final one is my travel site to which I write articles related to our travels which we have undertaken since retirement. The messages on this one are generally for Senior Citizens which we ourselves now are.

Writing blogs for the book site can be difficult as there is a limit on what one can write. Most of what I add to the site now is information which others pass on to me through their experiences following a death.  Adding and creating blogs for the ideas site fluctuates because I have to wait until I have a topic that gets me fired up and that can sometimes lead to a big gap between postings. The Travel Site is the easiest to update and add blogs, especially as it is a very new site and we have travelled quite a lot in the last 10-15 years giving me plenty to write about.

With the exception of my book, none of these sites is for business and so marketing is not the main aim. I love it when I see that others have been to the site.  I also really appreciate any comments and feedback as I am always ready to learn and improve the site.

So back to the 30 Day Challenge. Why did I do it?

  1. Recommended – one of my sisters recommended it as a means to improving my blogging skills and to learn from an expert, Sarah Arrow (see Sarah, I do read your e-mails).. I really have learnt so much this past month, not only blogging itself but also the terminology and layout. Thank you Sarah and Pat.
  2. Self-confidence – to show myself that I could do it. The first 24 were easier than the last 6 because the first group were all for the travel blog site so I did not have to think too hard but once that particular group of blogs was finished I really had to think about what I should write for numbers 25 – 29. Number 30 was decided by Sarah.
  3. Challenging – to have something which would challenge me and make me structure my days a bit better; at least for a month. In fact, I have really enjoyed doing and having a reason to access my computer besides to read my e-mails and play Scrabble, which I love.
  4. Interaction – daily posting and reading of others blogs gave me an opportunity to interact with many of those who were also doing the Challenge. They commented on my blogs as I did on theirs. Each of these interactions helped me to grow and build self-confidence.
  5. Variety and quality – this was wonderful to see and access. It convinced me that each of us has a story to tell and, even if it is on the same subject, we can each add a different aspect. What I did find interesting is that the vast majority of take part are women. I wonder why this is. Have you any ideas?

Does this conversation I had yesterday with our Priest throw any light on this. I had seen a photo of the Priests in a Diocese of SW Australia and mentioned that it was interesting to see that the number of women Priests outnumbered the men by about 3:1. He said that it had been noticed that when women entered the priesthood the number of men did drop. No one knows why but it could be the way in which the different sexes approach things such as sermons – women in a more gentle and loving manner while men have a more ‘warlike’ approach. Whatever the reason, I found it interesting that there are so few men doing this Challenge in particular.

Once again thank you to Sarah and Kevin for creating this opportunity and introducing bloggers from all over the world to one another. Thank you to Pat for you encouragement and patience when I send that ‘HELP’ e-mail and last, but definitely not least, to all the other bloggers who read and/or commented on my blogs.



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