My car is bigger than yours

Have you ever had the feeling that some people who drive big, expensive cars seem to believe that they have more rights when on the open road than those of us ‘lowlies’ who drive a medium or small car. It happened to me last week again and I was not impressed.

At an intersection the driver of a large SUV had stopped over the solid dividing line in such a way that only one other vehicle in the three lane road could be on the front row at the intersection. I was forced to be behind her instead of beside her. When the lights changed to green she drove off very slowly and at the most leisurely pace of 40kph. As there were a number of vehicles in the other two lanes it took me and the others behind an awfully long time to move out of the lane  Being the car immediately behind her I, of course, had to wait until all the other cars had rescued themselves. She continued at her leisurely pace in the fast lane of a 3-lane highway! She probably won’t have an accident but it is very likely that some really fed-up driver will do and her driving would have been the cause of the accident.

On another occasion, I was driving along a main suburban road, with just one (1) lane, at just over 60kph when a BMW 7 Series came roaring up behind me flashing lights (not blue ones), hooting and making rude signs which I witnessed from my rear view mirror.  There was nowhere for me to go to get out of his way unless I climbed the pavement.  It was rather frightening.

Then there are the drivers of SUVs and the like who park however and wherever they wish.  Have you ever been into a parking garage and seen those monstrosities parked on the lane divides and yellow-lined areas? It makes me boil!

I discovered I am not alone in this. In The Mercury on Thursday 14 Feb Glen B wrote a letter headed Driving a small car is bad for the heart.  I quote, “I (Glen) drive one of the smallest cars on the road and have found that drivers of any larger, faster and posher car will either tailgate me, or do everything in their power to pass me, whether road and traffic conditions allow it or not… Nearly every time I come home fuming – it’s very bad for the heart.”

Glen’s car may be small but mine is a medium sized one which can do a good speed. It is a bright red so fairly visible and I always have my lights on when it is dusky, raining or at night. Despite this, I have had the misfortune of having large cars cutting in front of me or coming out of side streets as if I, and other motorists, do not exist. I do my best to drive in the right-hand or fast lane only to pass other vehicles. I do not profess to be the best driver and sometimes exceed the speed limit but don’t think that this gives drivers of SUVs and Mercedes AVGs etc the right to expect that I should get out of their way.

Do the owners of large vehicles pay more rates and taxes than I do?  Maybe, in some cases they do but they do not own the road. I appeal to you who drive these fancy vehicles, please give us ‘lowlies’ respect and stop demanding it from us all the time. I hasten to add that there are some who drive considerately and well but they seem to be in the minority, and to you I say thank you.



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