Where is the Justice?

In South Africa we have a number of laws and departments which are there to help the poor and third parties yet they seldom seem to work for those who need it most. These are two instances which show clearly that they are not working. Continue reading “Where is the Justice?”


What about the victims of the victims?

There are a two blogs  on my site which consider the difference in gaining equal access to justice between the wealthy and/or well-connected and the middle to lower income people of South Africa. The Constitution may state that every person is entitled to equal access to justice the practicality of this is not a possibility while we are still such a fractured society. Continue reading “What about the victims of the victims?”

Education in the ‘new’ South Africa

We have decided to assist the 9 year old son (I will call him Bongi*) of our gardener with his education. He is currently in an overcrowded and poorly equipped school in a local township and, being extremely shy, it seems that he has become rather lost in ‘the crowd’. His parents had chosen this school as they hoped that he would become proficient in English. There has been no indication of this happening in 3 years. Continue reading “Education in the ‘new’ South Africa”

In jail, out of jail

On opening the The Independent on Saturday of 18 June 2016 to page 2 my eye was immediately drawn to 2 similar situations with 2 completely different outcomes. One was a half-page 2 column write up on Oscar Pistorius’ sentence hearing accompanied by a photograph of Oscar walking on his stumps in the court room. Next to this was a quarter page article about Sanele May with a small photo of him with a relative of one of the victims who was killed when he lost control of the lorry he was driving down Fields’ Hill, Pinetown a hill with a 1:15 gradient. Continue reading “In jail, out of jail”

Refugees and our responsibility

The painful and frightening pictures and stories which are shown of refugees from Syria, in particular at present, have made me think about refugees overall.  There have been refugees moving from one country to another for thousands of years. In fact, even Adam and Eve could be considered refugees as they were forced to leave their ‘country’, the Garden of Eden! Continue reading “Refugees and our responsibility”

She turned 18 and is now pregnant

This is a follow up to my blog of January 2015 when I wrote about the sad future that those abandoned babies who were found alive in various places and then put into children’s homes. Sometimes they are fortunate enough to be adopted and raised in a secure family home but many stay in the home until they are 18. As soon as they reach that age they are told to leave the home and care for themselves. Continue reading “She turned 18 and is now pregnant”

Collecting chronic medication

As I mentioned in my previous blog on teenage pregnancies, I visit a local government hospital on a monthly basis to collect my chronic medication. I was very fortunate when I initially experienced my neuropathy in 1993 that I was employed in the Department of Medicine of the teaching hospital attached to the university. This meant that I was cared for by the physicians and Head of Neurology, Professor Bill, when it happened and so have been under his care ever since. Continue reading “Collecting chronic medication”